In seven years of repairing homes:  Over 175 families have been impacted, 1900 kids have given their hands in service, 30,000 meals were served, 53,000 hours of service given to the families, and $425,000 brought into the New River Valley.


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        Seven years ago, some people got together and decided to create a camp that gave both middle and high school youth the opportunity to help folks out.   They went the traditional route and created a work camp that went out into the community and repaired homes.  If it made your home warmer, safer or drier and you wanted our help, we found a way to make it happen. 
         Over the years we have done everything from clean trash out of back yards to build a sixty foot long bridge across a ravine so the ambulance could get through.  We prided ourselves in stretching our campers, meeting the needs of our community and being God's hands.  
Well, times have changed and our camp has evolved.  We still do the home repairs... but we have added a few features.
         As we become aware of needs in the community, as opportunities present themselves, and as we grow in our understanding of God's call for the Fieldstone Community , we  strive to rise to the occasion.  This year we have home repair, a community garden, a children's day camp, a food cooperative, junior internships , and who knows what else by the time you arrive!  

     And best of all - you get to pick what you want to do!   

Located in the picturesque New River Valley
         In Southwest VA.    (directions)

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