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21 Days Till SPY! (Service Project Youth)

Did you know that several of our Fieldstone Youth volunteer to work SPY! all summer?

This year marks the first year of an official FS intern program.  In the past, we allowed our youth to help out in an unofficial and sometimes unorganized manner.  These interns are assigned to a ministry and placed in a mentor relationship with one of our summer interns.  They are asked to keep daily journals and work through the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens".  Special meetings and activities are organized by our SPY intern responsible for our Jr intern programs.  All of our FS interns are given the opportunity to experience servant leadership in not only their ministry areas, but in all facets of SPY! 


14 Days Till SPY! (Service Project Youth)

 Meet our Director

I need to get this info from Claire


7 Days Till SPY! (Service Project Youth)

This Saturday, June 6th is I Love My Church Day.

Come meet our interns and help them move in.




SPY! is branching out  "Community Garden"

We are starting a community garden behind the church.

Fresh vegetables, flowers, fresh fruit....   It will be awesome!

If you love to garden or just like playing in the dirt, contact tim and let him know you would like to get involved.... or maybe just find out what on earth a community garden is...

contact tim at


63 DAYS TILL SPY!   (Summer Project Youth)

Did you know we were in the newspaper, on TV and YouTube last summer?

Check it out:  You Tube video for SPY! 2008
WSLS News Story

Roanoke Times Article

56 DAYS TILL SPY  (Summer Project Youth)

Did you know we have our own Board of Directors from Fieldstone?

Youth Rep.- Lindsey Lumley, Finances - Todd Porth  Trustee-  Mike Barnett  

Facility-  Pat Kelly,   Kitchen - Marquetta Porth    FS Community - Melissa Kile & Elizabeth Kile,

   Missions-  Bob Job,  Community Garden-  Doug Songer, Work Projects-  Steve Hall 

and we need a Children's Advocate, Youth Advocate & Going Green board member.

Contact tim dayton if you want to join our board.


49 Days Till SPY  (Summer Project Youth)

Did you know that we don't do this alone?

Thanks to our partners & supporters, SPY! is able to follow the Spirit.

We are currently teamed up with Blue Ridge Independent Living Center, NRV Agency on Aging, Shenandoah University, Roanoke District UMC, Central VA. Community Action, Lowes, VA Conf. of UMC, Repair & Renovation Network of NRV, VT Building contruction Department, Princeton University Interns, and the list is growing.  God is Good!


42 Days Till SPY  (Summer Project Youth)

This summer we will complete our 100th Project!!!    (week of june 13-19th)

Hard to believe that we have come this far.  We have done it all, from back yard clean up to a sixty foot bridge across a ravine so an ambulance could get through...

from exterior painting to bathroom resurrection, from drywall to roofing, from shelving to leveling the foundation.  Over 100 families have been allowed us to come in and be a part of their lives.

Here is to the next 100!!!!     (watch for more news on #100... there is going to be a party!)



35 Days Till SPY (Summer Project Youth)

At Fieldstone we seldom sit still when the Spirit calls.

Last year we started our puppet ministry outreach program to children in the community.

This summer we are starting a Children's outreach center (summer camp)

We have an intern to help us develop this new outreach of SPY.

The short explanation:  1. not everyone wants to swing a hammer  2. A lot of the homes we go into have young children 3. we have the manpower and the space

4. children love gardens 5. we have a new indoor playground  6. we love children.......

We are starting small and seeing where God leads us.   We could use your help?!

  Children's camp to start this summer

28 Days Til SPY (Service Project Youth)

Now that you are excited about SPY!... how can you get involved?

"How do I love (need) you, let me count the ways..."

SPY! would net exist if not for the FS volunteers!

Here is the list... of some of the ways.  (you may think of a way to help we have not even dreamed of)

breakfast cooks, recreation folks (hang out and play), prayer team, hike to the falls, music, dinner cooks, deliver lunches to crews, construction leaders, materials delivery, meals hosts, COME TO THURSDAY NIGHT CLOSING CELEBRATION, grillers, gardeners, landscapers, find us homes to work on, grant writing, host a dinner for our interns (june 4-12th), let an intern escape to your home for a good night sleep, bring our interns an apple pie and ice cream, help out in the front office for a morning or afternoon......   Fieldstone is SPY!... and SPY! is Fieldstone   My goal:  100% involvement by the FS community.

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